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Booking Information

Booking Information Booking a Fun Fun Fun castle:

  1. When you have made your choice, simply email or call King o' the Castle on 027 559 5085 or email us
  2. We will confirm your booking and all the details.

On Day of the hire:

  • We will deliver and install your chosen bouncy castle before your chosen hire time begins, and it will be taken down after your hire time ends.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, the site for the bouncy castle must be within 30 metres of an electricity point, and be on grass or smooth concrete or inside a hall.
  • If you are having your party at a park or a site where there is no power, then please advise us when booking as we will need to bring a petrol generator to power the blower.  An additional fee is required for the hire of a generator.
  • The chosen site must be large enough to accommodate the bouncy castle, and be mainly flat ground.
  • There must be adequate access to get the bouncy castle to the site, as your castle will be moved with a large hand trolley.
  • Please advise if you have lots of stairs or a tricky access as some castles can not be moved up & down stairs due to their size.
  • Once the bouncy castle has been installed, it must not be moved.
  • The set-up takes about 10 mins to complete.
  • At the end of your hire period, we will return and remove the bouncy castle; this takes about 15 mins.
  • The castle must be in the same condition as we left it.  If it's not then a cleaning fee will apply.
  • There will be a telephone number in case you need to contact us during the hire.
  • Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page for further information, or simply call 027 559 5085 anytime, we're only to HAPPY to help.